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The Art of Memory Wiki is a free, online encyclopedia of memory techniques, mental calculation, and related brain training information.

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New Memory Software

Create and manage your memory palaces with our memory palace software! You can also train your brain and compete in online memory competitions on Memory League.

Memory palace management software

Memory Palaces and the Method of Loci

Learn how to use memory palaces and the method of loci! These techniques help you keep long lists of information in order and provide the foundation of many other mnemonic techniques. Photographic memory doesn’t exist, but the method of loci is one of the core techniques in being able to achieve superhuman memory abilities.

Peg Lists

Peg lists are similar to memory palaces, but they use ordered “pegs” instead of locations to keep your lists of facts in sequence.

Link and Story Methods

The link and story methods help you chain facts together into linked lists of information.

How to Memorize Numbers

If you’re new to number memorization, see the blog post, An Introduction to Memorizing Numbers, and then choose a system below.

Memory Techniques for Languages

Memory techniques can be used for learning languages and vocabulary.

Famous Memorizers

A Mnemonist is someone who uses Mnemonics to memorize things.

How to Memorize Books

Before memorizing a book, you’ll have to decide whether you’re trying to memorize text word-for-word or just an outline of the concepts and facts. See the links below for more information.

How to Remember the Bible

Other Study Techniques and Tips

Here are some powerful study tips that everyone should be familiar with.

Brain Health

Health is an important part of brain training!

How to Remember Names

How to Remember Speeches

How to Remember Letters

If you need to remember random letters, for example, in passwords or license plates, you can create mnemonics for them.

Memory Competition Guide

Memory competitions come in several formats and there are many Memory Competition Training Techniques. We also offer a variety of free memory training games. Eidetic Memory is not required.

Memory League

Memory League is an online memory training and competition app where users compete in rapid, head-to-head battles. Beginners are welcome! For information about the platform and the competitions disciplines, see the links below:

IAM Format

The International Association of Memory (IAM) manages various national, international, and World Memory Championships.

How to Memorize Poetry

Memory Challenges

Training Regimens

Speed Reading

Calendar Systems

From the History of Memory

Speed Mathematics & Mental Calculation

Memory Research