How to Teach Memory Techniques to Children

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One of the ways to get a child to start learning memory techniques is to play a game learning short lists. Another is to make it immediately useful. Many children find it difficult to learn their times tables, but find it much easier to learn a list of 10 items, and they’ll quickly see how it’s easier than rote learning of times tables that they’re being taught at school. Initially you’ll need to help them make the pictures vivid. Describe an image, with size, sound, colour - make it as striking as possible, and help them really picture the image in a way they’ll remember. Then they’ll remember at least some of the list.

Introduce the techniques in small ways - get them to remember buses or other small numbers, and get them used to converting them to words - don’t push too hard, or they won’t want to play, and you can’t force them to picture things.


Here is a video of a 10-year-old memorizing a deck of cards in 35-seconds.


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