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What is the Art of Memory?

Ancient Techniques

Memory techniques, like memory palaces, have been in use since hunter-gatherer times to memorize vast amounts of information. New techniques were developed over the millennia and, in Western cultures, they were widely used throughout the ancient, medieval, and renaissance periods.

Together, the methods are known as the Art of Memory.

These powerful techniques allow people with average memories to do amazing feats, like memorizing the order of a shuffled deck of cards in less than 20 seconds and recalling tens of thousands of digits of pi.

And the best part is that anyone can learn them!

The Parthenon in Athens

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Modern Technology

Art of Memory software teaches you the same techniques used by the world's best memorizers and shows you how to apply them to everyday learning.


Interactive tutorials teach you the same techniques used by memory champions.


Create, build, and customize memory palaces that store information you want to learn.


Training feedback and statistics help you improve quickly.


Play against your friends in fun memory games.


Compete against the world's top memory athletes on Memory League.

Next-Generation Brain Training

Exercise Your Brain

Using memory techniques is a fun way to exercise your brain and learn at the same. Traditional brain training websites offer simple video games endorsed by neuroscientists where the only benefit you can see is a higher score.

Get Real Results

Our memory software, games, and challenges lead to quantifiable learning and concrete results you can see for yourself — no complex algorithm or feedback from neuroscientists is required to explain how your ability to memorize is improving!


Our software walks you through all of the memory techniques and makes the learning process easy.

  • Interactive tutorials teach you step-by-step
  • Pre-built memory journeys kickstart learning
  • Create, edit, and review your own memory journeys
  • Spaced repetition for practice and review
  • Training tools for competition events
  • Online competitions with both events and real facts
  • Fun games that exercise your brain

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** Up to 10 games per day below level 6.

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