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For tips on learning how to improve your scores on these memory games, check out the how to learn memory techniques page. Two of the most important skills are memory palaces and a number memorization system (download the free ebook for a tutorial on number systems).

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Memorize cards

Playing Cards

Memorize decks of cards on Memory League.

Memory League

Memorize pictures


Memorize pictures on Memory League.

Memory League

Memorize numbers on Memory League


Numbers memorization game on Memory League.

Memory League

Memorize random words

Memorize Words

Memorize random words on Memory League.

Memory League

Memorize names and faces

Names & Faces

Memorize names & faces on Memory League. New!

Memory League

Memorize numbers

Random Numbers

Memorize decimal and binary numbers.

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Memorize poetry

Memorize Poetry

Start with Shakespeare's Sonnets. New!

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Memorize dice game

Pi Memorization

Guess Pi - Recall digits and locations of pi New!

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Memorize dice game

Memorize Dice

See how many dice rolls you can memorize New!

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Memorize spoken numbers

Spoken Numbers

See how many numbers you can recall. New!

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Memorize flashing numbers

Number Flash

Memorize random flashing numbers. New!

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Memorize symbols

Random Symbols

Memorize grids of random symbols.

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Additional Memory Training Software

For additional memory training tools, check out the random generators page, where you can find additional memory training tools like random number generators, random card generators, random person generators, and more! There's also a selection of poems to memorize.

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