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Learn powerful memory techniques like memory palaces, pegs lists, spaced repetition, and advanced mnemonics.

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What is the Art Of Memory?

Learn how to memorize anything.

Simonides of Ceos meets Castor and Pollux

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Memory Palaces

Made famous by the TV show, Sherlock, and in the book Moonwalking with Einstein, "mind palaces" or memory palaces allow one to memorize and recall vast amounts of information. We'll teach you how to use memory palaces to remember numbers, facts, history timelines, presidents, shopping lists, and much more.

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The Parthenon as a memory palace
Giordano Bruno, mnemonist

Names & Faces

Do you wish you could remember names more easily? We'll show you how.

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Schoolwork, Trivia, Poetry, and More

You can use these memory techniques to remember schoolwork, trivia, shuffled decks of cards, speeches, compete in memory competitions, and much more.

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Memory palace for historical dates from 1846