Upcoming Memory Competitions

Below is a list of upcoming memory competitions and championships. Please be sure to check the official websites for possible updated information. To add a competition, please email the details to competitions@artofmemory.com.

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Current Memory Competitions List

Start DateCompetitionFormat
13 Nov 20212021 African-European Open Memory League ChampionshipMemory League

Other competitions are listed below that may have passed or have unknown dates. If you have information, please email us.

Start DateCompetitionFormat
2 Aug 2021Online Memory League Championship, Season 13Memory League
24 Sep 20212021 Egypt Memory League ChampionshipMemory League
16 Oct 20212021 French Memory OpenIAM
4 Jun 20212021 North German Memory ChampionshipIAM
23 Oct 20212021 USA Memory ChampionshipUSAMC

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See also the list of past championships and the list of Memory League championships.

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You can watch Memory League competitions and matches live on Memory Sports TV.