Letter Pair Image System

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The Letter pair image system is a Phonetic letter system that is used for memorizing strings of letters.

The system works by converting 2 letters into a word,sound,or image that is more memorable. It is related to the Major System, Dominic System, the Mnemonic Association System for Numbers, and the Ben System. The main difference is that all letters are used distinctly.

One of the most common uses for Letter pair images is for the Blindfolded Speedsolving of Rubik’s cubes.

There are many great tutorials for the system and it is more intuitive since you are directly converting letters. One point to consider is that most of the Blind-solving lists are meant to represent the 23*22=506 images needed to label a Rubik’s cube instead of the total 676 images.

There are some different approaches that people use to remember the letter pairs. These include

  • one syllable sounds
  • images
  • sentences
  • words


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