Memory Town System for Languages

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The memory town system was described by Dominic O’Brien in some of his books. Foreign vocabulary words are associated with mnemonic images, and then the images are mentally placed in sections of a town based on their grammatical functions. The memory town functions as a large Memory Palace.

Creating Your Memory Town

Choose a town that you know well. Divide the town into sections based on the languages grammar. For example, in Spanish there are two noun genders: masculine and feminine. You might divide your town in half, and place all of the masculine nouns in locations in one half of the town and all the feminine nouns in the other half of the town.

Mnemonic images for verbs might be placed in a stadium, while images for adjectives might be placed in a park.

Multiple Languages

If you are learning more than one language, you can use a different town or city for each language.


This technique can also be used to separate other parts of speech. For example, if you want to memorize verb conjugation groups, you could place each verb conjugation group in a different section of the town. It could also be used for things like German noun pluralizations.

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