Natural Ways to Improve Memory

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This page lists discussions we’ve had about ways to naturally improve memory that don’t involve regular memory techniques, including rest breaks, meditation, exercise, sleep, and diet.

Disclaimer: please note that nothing on this website should be construed as medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health professional.

Nature and Memory

There is some evidence that exposure to nature is related to memory.

Rest and Memory

There is some evidence that rest breaks improve memory.

Meditation and Memory

Does meditation improve memory? Check out the discussions below.

Sleep and Memory

For links to discussions about the effect of sleep on memory see the Sleep and Memory page.

Exercise and Memory

There appears to be quite a lot of evidence on the positive effects of exercise on memory.

See the Exercise and Memory page for more information.

Stress and Memory

See the Stress and Memory page for more information on how stress affects memory.

Diet, Nutrition, and Memory

See the Foods to Improve Memory page for information about discussions we’ve had about diet, nutrition, and memory.

Yoga and Memory

There have been some discussions on a relationship between yoga and spatial memory.

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