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Memory Techniques Wiki on Art of Memory.

This Wiki is a community-written encyclopedia of memory techniques and related information. It is designed to promote the open sharing of knowledge of the Art of Memory. Feel free to jump in and start creating and editing pages. Current article count: 291.

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New Memory Software

Get a first look at our new software over on our memory palace software page! You can also train your brain using Memory League and our other memory training software.


Here are a few pages to begin with:

How to Create Memory Systems

How to remember numbers:

  1. Major System
  2. Dominic System
  3. Person-Action-Object (PAO) System
  4. Ben System
  5. Mnemonic Association System for Numbers
  6. Binary Number Memorization Systems

How to remember the order of things (usually used with one of the above systems):

  1. Method of Loci (also known as: "Memory Palaces", the "Journey Method", and "Mind Palaces" in the TV show, Sherlock)
  2. Mnemonic Peg System
  3. Mnemonic Link System

To remember letters:

  1. Letter Pair Image System

How to Use Memory Techniques

How to get started with memory techniques for specific memory related tasks:

  1. Start by learning how to memorize names and faces
  2. Another great task to begin with is how to memorize poetry
  3. If you're competing in IAM competitions, read up on how to memorize abstract images
  4. See how to memorize passwords
  5. If you're interested in Rubik's Cubes, read how to do blindfolded speedcubing
  6. Learn about Speed Memory
  7. Check out some of the reading on the Memory Books|list of memory books
  8. Learn How to Memorize a Book
  9. Learn How to Memorize a Textbook

Memory Challenges

Memory Competitions

How to train for memory championships!

Memory System Resources

Training Regimens

Speed Reading

Calendar Systems

From the History of Memory

Speed Mathematics & Mental Calculation

Memory Research


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