International Master of Memory

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The International Master of Memory (IMM) is a new title that follows the pre-2013 requirement system for Grand Master of Memory.

To achieve IMM status, one must:

  • Memorize 1,000 numbers in an hour
  • Memorize 10 decks of cards in an hour
  • Memorize one deck of cards in under two minutes

The 2-minute card standard need not be achieved at the World Memory Championships, nor do all the events need to be achieved at a single competition, but they must be achieved at competitions that have been officially approved and arbitrated by the World Memory Sports Council. The only competition where the 1-hour cards and 1-hour number feats can be accomplished is the World Memory Championships.

According to Jennifer Goddard, the Deputy Chief Arbiter at the time of the title’s creation, the feats must be performed at the 1-hour events — memorizing the same amount of data in a 30-minute event doesn’t count towards the Grand Master title:

“You can only achieve the first two Grand Master of Memory norms at the World Memory Championships.

  • 1000 digits in an hour in the One Hour Random Number event
  • 10 Decks of Playing Cards in an hour in the One Hour Card event

The Speed Cards norm (one deck of cards in two minutes or less) can be achieved at any official National, International and World Memory Championships as they all conduct the 5 minute Speed Cards Event”


“The committee decided that 2 x One hour Long Grand Master Norms can only be ratified at the World Memory Championships under the rules when it was jointly sanctioned by His Serene Highness Prince Philip von und zu Liechtenstein, the Brain Trust Charity, which endorsed and hosted the event, and Tony Buzan, International Arbiter of Mental World Records.”

From the WMSC website:

International Master of Memory (IMM) will follow the previous GMM Criteria and must be achieved in WMSC approved, 10 discipline tournaments. Competitors do not have to achieve all 3 norms in a single tournament.

  • 1000 digits in one hour.
  • 10 decks of cards in one hour.
  • One deck of cards in 2 minutes or less.

Competitors who wish to attain their International Master of Memory qualifications at a World Memory Championships must ensure that they compete in all 10 disciplines at a reasonable level i.e. not solely focusing on the International Master Events.

Grandmaster of Memory (GMM) can now only be awarded at the World Memory Championships.

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