International Grand Master of Memory

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International Grand Master of Memory (IGM) is a new title awarded to Mental Athletes who have earned more than 6,000 points in Memory Competitions run by the World Memory Sports Council. See the discussion about New Standards for the Grandmaster of Memory.

Not to be confused with Grand Master of Memory or International Master of Memory.

Rules for Qualification

According to the announcement:

…everyone who has achieved more than 6,000 points according to current millennium standards (as of January 2013) at a World Memory Championship and to all former World Champions of Memory.

And from the WMSC website:

Every athlete who reaches more than 6000 points in a WMC will be given the title of International Grandmaster of Memory (IGM)..

Any competitor who already has a full GMM title will maintain their title for life. Any competitor with one or two current GM Norms may use these to contribute to the new IMM title.

The above criteria supersede and replace all previous GMM qualification criteria.

Inaugural List of IGMs

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