Grand Master of Memory

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First awarded in 1995 (according to The Mind Sport of Memory 2008 Yearbook by Phil Chambers and Christopher Day, and Synapsia Magazine), the title Grand Master of Memory (GMM) is awarded by the World Memory Sports Council to people who are able to successfully perform specific feats of memory.


Until the 2013 World Memory Championships, the requirements for Grand Master of Memory were:

  • Memorize 1,000 numbers in an hour
  • Memorize 10 decks of cards in an hour
  • Memorize one deck of cards in under two minutes

As of December 2013, the title requires getting 5,000 points at a World Memory Championship and being a top 5 competitor who is not already a Grand Master.

Grandmaster of Memory (GMM) can now only be awarded at the World Memory Championships. To achieve the GMM both of the following criteria must be met:

Achieve a total of 5000 or more cumulative points in the WMC.

GMM titles will be awarded to the top 5 placed competitors that are not already GMMs

People who were awarded the Grand Master of Memory title under the older standards will still maintain their titles for life.

Mental athletes who achieve the old standard will now receive a new title called International Master of Memory, not to be confused with the title of International Grand Master of Memory.

Number of Grand Masters

Joshua Foer wrote in 2005 that there were 36 memory Grand Masters in the world, including one in the United States. As of September 12, 2012, there were 122 Grand Masters of Memory worldwide, though the number is higher now.

List of Grand Masters of Memory

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