Free Memory Course

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This page contains information about creating your own free memory course for self-study. This website has over 5,000 pages of free content, and there is more than enough information here to learn memory techniques for free. (Create a free account to receive a welcome message with additional tips along with a weekly summary of new content.)

The self-guided online memory course will walk you through how to gain an understanding of a variety of memory techniques that you can then combine in various ways to memorize all sorts of information.

Step 1: Download Our Free Ebook

First, download our free ebook, Learn the Art of Memory.

We also recommend creating an account in the Art of Memory Forum so you can ask questions and receive weekly updates about the latest techniques and memory exercises.

Step 2: Story and Linking Methods

Read chapter 1 one of the ebook and repeat the linking exercise until you can recall the items without errors.

Then read these pages:

It’s okay if not everything makes sense yet — the first step is to just get a general overview of the various techniques. If you have questions, don’t forget to ask them in the Art of Memory Forum.

Step 3: Alphabet Peg Lists

The next step is to learn about alphabet peg lists. Read the alphabet pegs section of the ebook.

Follow up by reading the alphabet peg lists page.

Be sure to create and memorize your list of 26 alphabet animals. You can reuse these to memorize many things. A quick daily application for the peg list is to use it to memorize your shopping lists. Practice is important, because the process of creating mnemonic images gets faster with regular practice.

You can also see an example of how to use alphabet peg lists to memorize elements from the periodic table with this free worksheet.

Step 4: Learn the Method of Loci

Next, read the section of the ebook on the method of loci, followed by these pages:

Practice the method of loci by creating a few memory palaces and memorizing some lists there. Don’t forget to ask questions in the forum if you have them.

Step 5: Advanced Memory Palace Tips

For more advanced information about memory palaces, see the Memory Palace Tips page.

Step 6: Learn How to Memorize Names

Read the section of the ebook on memorizing names and then read the Memorizing Names and Faces page.

To practice, create a free account on Memory League and choose the Memory League Names Event.

Step 7: Learn How to Memorize Numbers

For the next step, read the section on number memorization in the ebook. Then watch the video on the Introduction to Memorizing Numbers post.

You can then choose a number system (the Major System is good), and create images for all the numbers from 00 to 99.

Here’s a printable Major System worksheet to help you create your number images.

Step 8: Finish the Ebook and Join the Community

The last step in our free online memory course is to finish reading the ebook which contains frequently asked questions and links to more information.

If you haven’t already joined the Art of Memory Forum, sign up an introduce yourself. Let us know what you want to memorize and we’ll help you come up with techniques on how to approach the subject. There are tens of thousands of posts that you can search through to find discussions on various types of mnemonic techniques. See you there!

Here are some more free resources on memory improvement: