How to Memorize Shopping Lists

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Shopping lists are easy to memorize with Memory Palaces.

If you practice memory techniques, you should make a pledge to yourself to never write down another shopping list. It’s one of the simplest memory techniques to use.

Step 1: Create a Memory Palace

First you’ll want to create a memory palace. Create a mental journey along a well-known route, for example, through your house. The first 10 loci, or locations, of the journey might be:

  1. your bedroom, on your bed
  2. your bedroom, in your closet
  3. bathroom
  4. hallway
  5. other bedroom
  6. stairs
  7. living room
  8. dining room
  9. kitchen
  10. front porch

These 10 locations are your first “memory palace”. You will always travel through your memory palace in the same order.

Step 2: Memorize the List

Then, take a list of ten items that you want to memorize, and imagine each item in one locus, or location, of your memory palace. For example, you could try memorizing the following shopping list:

  1. corn
  2. milk
  3. carrots
  4. chicken
  5. garlic
  6. bar of soap
  7. beans
  8. dish soap
  9. mayonnaise
  10. hot sauce

Using the sample memory palace above, you would place the corn in the first locus of the memory palace, which is in your bedroom on your bed. You could exaggerate the corn cob by making it a large corn cob sleeping in your bed.

Then, place the second item in the list in the second location of the memory palace and so on.

Here’s a demonstration:

Additional Ideas

In the forum, richomagic suggested a method to organize shopping lists.