Virtual Memory Palaces

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This page lists ideas about creating virtual memory palaces with the Method of Loci. Research suggests that imaginary memory palaces are just as effective as locations that one knows well in reality.

Virtual Memory Palaces from Art

Check out this interesting comment:

I find a book of paintings (300-500 prints — the big art books are the best and color prints are better than black and white). Then I work through the paintings from the start, placing lines of poetry onto images within the paintings. I’ve been moving toward a standard 8 loci per painting. The trick is to come up with good associations between images within the paintings and the words of the poetry.

See also the page Creating Memory Palaces from Art and using paintings as memory palaces.

Virtual Memory Palaces from Software

We offer memory palace software that is specifically created for managing your real and virtual memory palaces! See the link for more information.

Memory palace management software

Below are some other types of software that may be useful for finding virtual memory palace locations.

Memory Palaces from Virtual Tours

Virtual Memory Palaces from Design Software

Virtual Memory Palaces from Computer Games

Virtual Memory Palaces from Books

  • Homer’s Odyssey?
  • Invisible Cities - Italo Calvino
  • The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien
  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - J.R.R. Tolkien
  • add ideas here

Virtual Memory Palaces from Webcomics

Virtual Memory Palaces from Manga

  • One Piece

Virtual Memory Palaces from Movies

The forum has a tutorial on using movies and TV series as memory palaces.

You could use GoPro videos as virtual memory palaces.

Or screencaps of animated movies like Alice in Wonderland.

See the thread on learning a language with movies and the method of loci for a method to attach vocabulary words to scenes in a movie.

  • Lord of the Rings movies
  • Star Wars movies
  • Misery
  • add ideas here

Star Wars


Here is an example of using scenes in a movie as a virtual memory palace.

Hogwarts Surrounding Maps Loci

  1. Aragog In The Forest
  2. Centaurs
  3. Unicorns
  4. Therstals
  5. Grawp
  6. Dragon Pavillion
  7. Forbidden Forest
  8. Snape And Quirell
  9. Crouch Body
  10. Pumpkin Patch
  11. Hagrid’s House
  12. Stable
  13. Quidditch Pitch
  14. Whomping Willow
  15. Lupin Transform
  16. Beauxbatons Carrriage
  17. Drumstrung Ship
  18. Patronus
  19. Hogwarts Castle
  20. Merivillage
  21. Dementor Kiss
  22. Gatehouse
  23. Hogsmeade Station
  24. Boat Landing
  25. Hrieking Shreck
  26. Honeydukes
  27. Three Broomsticks
  28. Zonkos Joke Shop
  29. Madame Puddifoot
  30. Post Office
  31. Hogs Head
  32. Gladrics Wizard Wear
  33. Dervish And Banges
  34. King’s Cross
  35. The Dursleys’
  36. The Order of the Phoenix headquarters (Black residence)
  37. Quidditch World Cup
  38. Bathilda Bagshot’s house
  39. Ministry of Magic
  40. The Lovegoods’ residence
  41. The Burrow

Kung Fu Panda 2

Places are full of life and fun. Try this for your next deck memorizing or for memorizing words.

  1. Big chimney emitting large amount of smoke
  2. Po eating 40 bean buns
  3. Master Shifu performing inner peace
  4. Meditate on single stick for 50 years
  5. Ropes coming down from hill into village
  6. Music intruments bundled together
  7. All “Wings of Justice” together
  8. Flying and hitting the bell
  9. Bunny playing violin in middle of fight
  10. Po doing feature fury
  11. Striking with hammer
  12. Dragon Warrior rests, Po enters
  13. Radish with baby Po
  14. Po inside room, gets into tumble dryer
  15. Po having bath inside tumble dryer
  16. Rhino kingdom
  17. Peacock fighting Bull and Crocodile
  18. Peacock firing weapon
  19. All five travelling to Rhino city
  20. Inside ship
  21. Fog and vision Peacock
  22. Big Dragon eating Wolf
  23. Chorh-Gom Prison
  24. Po riding rickshaw
  25. With six bunnys enjoying
  26. Single trye rickshaw
  27. Fighting with wolf
  28. We surrender
  29. Stairs
  30. Po watching weapon
  31. Fighting Peacock
  32. Destroying weapon
  33. Castle falling down
  34. Gift for peacock
  35. Po hanging
  36. Peacock hit with fork
  37. Po hit with weapon
  38. Master Shifu inside cave; thunder clouds
  39. Po performing inner peace
  40. Po with panda figure
  41. Flashback
  42. Po with fighting figures
  43. Po moving upstairs with noodles cart
  44. Getting inside to watch Dragon-Warrior selection; door is closed
  45. Po on chair with crackers
  46. Selection of Dragon Warrior
  47. Training ground

Virtual Memory Palaces from TV Shows

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