Acropolis Memory Palace and Sketchup 3D

I mentioned in another post that I was waiting to build my Acropolis memory palace until I had more photos and floor plans available.

I just found models of the Acropolis in Google Sketchup. You can move the model around. Here’s a screenshot:

[Update: Google no longer owns Sketchup, and all the URLs have changed. You can search for the models on their site.]

Acropolis, Google Sketchup

It’s easy to rotate the ancient Acropolis:

Acropolis model 1

and compare it to the current ruins:

Acropolis model 2

EDIT: here is one more screenshot of a great Sketchup model with the Acropolis entrance, including the Temple of Athena Nike:

Acropolis model 3

This is exactly what I need to create my memory palace.

Sketchup has many buildings available for download. The Palace of Domitian looks nice, and here is a collection of Roman buildings. Check it out and let me know if you find anything that makes a good memory palace!




Rob 19 Sep 2021

QUESTION: Why are you building a memory palace of a place your not familiar with while there are so many other places in your own personal history that you already have firmly implaced in your mind?


Rob Gilbert


Josh 19 Sep 2021

I guess a couple of reasons:

I like the idea of making my journeys/palaces in the most interesting places possible. I imagine that ancient mnemonists used these same buildings.

I've been working and traveling in different places over the past 15 years, so I don't have many set routines in life where I know buildings especially well. I don't remember my old schools, apartments, and jobs well enough to create journeys from them.

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