Standard Memorization Goals

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This page is for brainstorming ideas about standard memorization goals outside of competitions, especially ones that could be applied towards education. They can be practiced online in our Memory Challenges section or with Memory Clubs.

See this blog post for a background on this idea.

Please note that this page is just an outline and that it still needs to be filled in.

A few quick, general ideas from the blog post:

World Data

  • Country Data, governments, leaders, population, basic history

Human Anatomy

  • (bones, muscles, etc.)


  • (e.g., the most common words in a language)


[Classics, as opposed to poetry created just for a memory competition.]

See full article: Memorizing Poetry



  • historic events of specific countries
  • topics in natural history (birds, plants, etc.)
  • topics in psychology
  • topics in philosophy
  • topics in chemistry
  • Trivia (e.g. Oscar Winners)
  • etc.

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