Method of Loci

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The method of loci is a method of memorizing information by placing each item to be remembered at a point along an imaginary journey. The information can then be recalled in a specific order by retracing the same route through the imaginary journey. Loci is the plural for of the Latin word, locus, meaning place or location. The method of loci is also called the Journey Method by Dominic O’Brien, and the imaginary journeys are often referred to as Memory Palaces, Memory Journeys, or Memory Spaces. See also Mind Palace, the term used in the Sherlock Holmes.


Ancient Greece

The earliest surviving historical mentions of the method of loci in European culture appear in the Rhetorica ad Herennium, Cicero’s De Oratore, and Quintilian’s Institutio Oratoria. Roman legend attributed the method to a Greek poet, Simonides of Ceos, who discovered the technique while identifying bodies in the wreckage of a collapsed building that he had been sitting in just moments before.


Historical records of the technique only go back to Simonides in the 6th Century BCE, but the method of loci goes far back into prehistory. Examples of mnemonic techniques that involve spacial relationship include Songlines and Memory Boards (like Lukasas).

For more information about the use of the method of loci among oral cultures, read Memory Craft and The Memory Code by Lynne Kelly.

Example usage

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Create the Memory Journey

Create a mental journey along a well-known route, for example, through your house. The first 10 loci, or locations, of the journey might be:

  1. your bedroom, on your bed
  2. your bedroom, in your closet
  3. bathroom
  4. hallway
  5. other bedroom
  6. stairs
  7. living room
  8. dining room
  9. kitchen
  10. front porch

These 10 locations are your first “memory palace”. You will always travel through your memory palace in the same order.

Memorize the Items

Then, take a list of ten items that you want to memorize, and imagine each item in one locus, or location, of your memory palace. For example, you could try memorizing the following shopping list:

  1. corn
  2. milk
  3. carrots
  4. chicken
  5. garlic
  6. bar of soap
  7. beans
  8. dish soap
  9. mayonnaise
  10. hot sauce

Using the sample memory palace above, you would place the corn in the first location of the memory palace, which is in your bedroom on your bed. You could exaggerate the corn cob by making it a large corn cob sleeping in your bed.

Then, place the second item in the list in the second location of the memory palace, and so on.

Recall the Items

To recall the items, just mentally retrace your route through the memory palace and you should be able to retrieve the data.

If you want to store the memorized information for a longer period of time, use repetition and go through the memory palace a few times per day until it sticks.

After you try it with 10 items and can recite them forwards and backwards in order, try expanding your memory palace to 30 locations. After you can recall 30 items in order, experiment with placing two items per location.

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