How to Link Mnemonic Images

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Images can be linked or not linked.

If the images are not linked, then it is harder to recall them in the right order. For example when you made a shopping list that you forgot home, then at store you probably won’t be able to recall all the items you want to buy.

Linked images are somehow connected. For instance if the first two items of the list were oranges and tooth paste, then in order to link the images of orange and toothpaste you could imagine that you drill a hole in the orange and fill it with toothpaste.

r30 proposed three 3 basic ways to link images with each other:

  1. Transforming one image into another
  2. Interaction between two images
  3. Chaining multiple images with mnemonic links (a.k.a the Story Method)

The images of the chain (Story Method) can be connected using interaction and/or transformation. Then the chain becomes what we like to call a story, be the story logical or not. This method is demonstrated on the Mnemonic Link System page.

More information and examples (with pictures) of all three linking techniques can be found at r30’s website.

See Linking Techniques Comparison discussion for some initial ideas.

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