How to Automatically Generate Vocabulary Flashcards with Google Translate and Anki

I learned a great technique from Dale on how to automatically translate lists of vocabulary words with Google Translate. I’ve created a video tutorial of the process and embedded it below.

For best results, I recommend turning the video quality up to the highest setting (720pHD) and watching it full-screen.

Here are the tools mentioned in the video:

An example usage of the Google translate function is: =GoogleTranslate(A1,"it","en") which would translate cell A1 from Italian into English.

Google Translate language codes

If you don’t know the language code for a certain language, just go to Google translate and select the two languages you want. Then look at the URL in the language codes will be in the URL. For example, translating Greek to English would give you this URL: which would tell you that the language code for Greek is “el”.

After dragging the Google Translate function down the column, export the file as CSV and import it into Anki or whatever flash card program you use.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. Don’t forget to follow the new YouTube channel. (There’s also an older one here)



How to Create Anki Flashcards from Webpage Tables — 29 Jul 2021

[...] Foreign language vocabulary like in this example [...]


Fabio 29 Jul 2021

That's awesome man! Really loved this idea, because I'm a little lazy to create anki decks!

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thank you!


Arvo 29 Jul 2021

Hi, good job :) Do you know, how to add a voice to the cards in the same way?


Lane 29 Jul 2021

Often thought of doing this; thanks for showing me an example.

Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen 29 Jul 2021

@Arvo: I don't know of an automatic way to add a voice, but you can manually add sounds to Anki cards.


Lane 29 Jul 2021

Arvo, I have looked for this also, and haven't found much. :( IF you do find a method, let us know here, OK?

Fred Ehrhardt

Fred Ehrhardt 29 Jul 2021

Thank you for sharing this technique. FYI, if the list of words is not long (sorry I don't know the limit), you can paste multiple words directly into and get a similarly-formatted output list, which may be sufficient for some uses.

Andrew Sanchez

Andrew Sanchez 29 Jul 2021

This is an excellent technique. Thank you!

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