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Yanjaa is a Mental Athlete and memory champion.

Notable competitions


  • Japan Open Memory Championship (Apr. 29-30, Tokyo, Japan): Gold medal overall. (Japan Open Statistics and Final Results)
  • Korea Open Memory Championship (Aug. 25-26, Seoul, South Korea): Broke two world records. Broke the world record in 5 minute random words by memorizing 145 random words. Beat own world record in random images by memorizing 360 random images in 5 minutes.


  • World Memory Championships (Dec. 1-3, Jakarta, Indonesia): Bronze overall, double international grandmaster of memory and team gold. Yanjaa broke two world records, in Names & Faces and Random Images, the most world records broken at the event - second only to overall champion Alex Mullen. Gold in names and faces as well as images, silver in speed cards and words.



  • Extreme Memory Tournament (May. 2-3, San Diego, USA): Yanjaa made it to the round of 16.
  • Hong Kong Open Memory Championship (Aug. 22-23, Hong Kong, China): Silver medal overall. Yanjaa broke the world record for memorizing the most names and faces in 15 minutes: 187 names.
  • UK Open Memory Championship (Aug. 27-28, London, UK): Silver medal overall. Yanjaa broke the national record for memorizing the most words in 15 minutes: 256 words.
  • World Memory Championships (Dec. 16-18, Chengdu, China): 8th place overall out of 275 contestants.


  • 3rd Regional German Open Memory Championship (Apr. 4-5, Neubiberg, Germany) 18th place overall. First competition entered, Yanjaa medaled in shared first place in the discipline names and faces.
  • Gothenburg Open Memory Championship (May. 10-11, Gothenburg, Sweden) Bronze medal overall.
  • 1st Spanish Open Memory Championship (Oct. 18, Madrid, Spain): Bronze medal overall.(1st Spanish Open Memory Championship 2014)
  • World Memory Championships (Dec. 11-14, Haikou, China): Team gold medal, gold medalist in 15 minute names and faces as well as bronze in 15 minute abstract images.

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