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New WMSC Scoring Rules

A new scoring system was announced for World Memory Sports Council names and faces events on 30 June 2013:


The STAR Committee (Standards, Technicalities and Rules) of the WMSC has reviewed the Scoring for Names and Faces in order to speed up the marking process and be fair to all competitors. We hope you all agree… The following rules are effective immediately:-

  1. A point is awarded for every correctly spelt first name.

  2. A point is awarded for every correctly spelt second name.

  3. Points are still awarded if only the first name or the surname can be recalled.

  4. The memorization sheet shall contain no repetitions of first or surnames. Correspondingly, the repetition of names on the recall sheet is not allowed. A penalty of 0.5 point may be deducted if a first or surname is repeated on the recall sheet more than two times.

  5. An incorrect first name or surname scores 0 points.

  6. There is no penalty if either first name or surname is left blank.

  7. The results are totaled. The Total Score is rounded up to the nearest whole number, written at the top of the Recall sheet and entered into the database as a whole number i.e. 45.5 is rounded up to 46.

  8. Accents in names and Capitalisation such as (KinPong) may be displayed but are not required for scoring i.e. Kinpong is considered a correct answer.

  9. No points are awarded if a second language is used e.g. if the majority of answers are in Simplified Chinese and one answer is in English then the English answer is void.

  10. In the case of tied winning scores, the winner will be decided by looking at the photograph(s) to which a name has been incorrectly assigned - the competitor with fewest incorrectly identified names will be the winner.

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