Mnemotechnic Words

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In his 1845 book, Phreno-Mnemotechny, Francis Fauvel Gouraud wrote about using the Major System to memorize dates.

The Technique

The “mnemotechnic word” is a date that is encoded with the Major System. Here is a list of examples from the book:

Gouraud Mnemotechnic Words Major System.png

He explained that a connecting phrase should be made from the event to the mnemotechnic word in order to make the phrase make sense. All of the items together are referred to as the formula.

Here are some of the examples that Gouraud provides:

EventConnecting PhraseMnemotechnic Word
Death of AbrahamAfter his death Abraham went gloriously to repose in the bosom of…divinity (1821 BCE)
Destruction of TroyThe destruction of Troy was completed by the raging flames of a…hot wood fire (1184 BCE)

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