Memorizing Poetry

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This page contains resources about how to memorize poetry. You can find poetry to memorize in our poems section.

How to Memorize Poetry

Here are some various ways to memorize poetry:

  1. Create an image for every single word and using the loci method
  2. Divide the poem into ”beats” (like in method acting)
  3. Extract keywords and then chaining them into a story
  4. Extract keywords and then placing the images in loci
  5. Copy the poem by writing it onto another sheet of paper
  6. Line-repeat method. See this page for details.

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List of Poetry for Memorization

Proposed format

  • List beginner poems, list should be subdivided by style of poetry, listing should include title, author, year written and length of poem.




Poems Needing Sorting

Other webpages with lists of poems