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I am Nodas, a 34 y.o. Greek competing mental calculator, B.Sc. mathematician (Athens University, Greece '08), M.Sc. in Astrophysics (Sussex University, UK '12) and memorizer. I am also the first and current Greek National Record holder for the memorization of π (pi). In November 2016, I participated in the Las Vegas' 3rd International Memoriad 2016 (Memory, Mental Calculation and Speed Reading Olympics). In the 2nd International Memoriad 2012 (Antalya, Turkey) I was the Silver Medalist in Mental Square Roots (2nd place, all correct). I am also a 4-time Mental Calculation World Cup participant, (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 all held in Germany). In 2016 I was 3rd in Calendar Calculation, with 54 dates per minute. (almost 1 "day of the week" calculated per second). In the Las Vegas Memoriad 2016, I reached the Calendars' 4th place with 82 correct dates per minute (almost 3 dates in 2 seconds). I was also 9th in Mental Square Roots, 8th in Speed Reading, 12th in Mental Divisions and 24th in Names and Faces. My native language: Greek. Foreign: English at C2, a few written Spanish and Italian and a couple of other Indo-European languages; albeit with limited comprehension (full list in my Linkedin)

My current website:

My Memoriad profile page (with competition photos)
(my Memoriad competition personal records)

My Memocamp page:

My Github:

Some more links about memory and mental calculation competitions:

1. The Memoriad new website:,
Memoriad wiki information here: (I'm shown in the main Memoriad wiki pic, in the 4th row, 2 rows behind Ben Pridmore)

2. The Mental Calculation World Cup (MCWC) website: Further info here:

3. Mental Calculation World Rankings:
(I'm inducted there, in the world rankings of the Square Roots
and the Calendar Calculation categories, since 2012)

4. Memoriad 2012 Total Rankings presentation: (I'm at 2:00 mark )
Summarized report videos from Memoriad 2012:
I get my medal around minute 12:00 after Simon Reinhard and Robert Fountain, both great fellow competitors.

5. Las Vegas Memoriad 2016 full competition videos:
(around 10 hours each. Thanks to our sponsor Zappos @ Las Vegas)
Memoriad 2016 Full results here:
There in Las Vegas, I really enjoyed competing in "Speed Reading", where I speed-read a nice dystopic science-fiction text, which consisted of almost 6K words. (I read at a speed of about 1000 words per minute). This was the first short book I ever read while in USA.

6. Memorization of π/pi World Ranking lists. I currently hold the Greek National Pi Memory Record. Reference:
More info on this record, in my blog:

7. Update September 2018: A post regarding my recent interview to (Interview link here )


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Nodas Boukovalas


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