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Memory is the foundation of learning. However, most of us are never taught how to use our memory effectively and, as a result, people waste a lot of time trying to learn through basic rote repetition and brute force.

Art of Memory Inc. is a leader in the education and promotion of memory techniques.

Art of Memory is a one-stop shop for learning about memory techniques through our online tools, resources, and community. Our innovative software combines ancient techniques with modern technology to help you learn faster and exercise your brain. Our memory palace software was funded on Kickstarter in 2016.

Memory League is memory training and competition software. Designed and built by memory champions and used by the world's best memorizors, the platform allows you to train by yourself and compete in real-time with other users. Memory League Championships have been held in various countries around the world.


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Our users have used memory techniques to do some amazing things, like memorize: