2014 Memory Competition Results: Wales, Italy, Slovenia, Mongolia

Here is a quick summary of results from four recent memory competitions.

2014 Mongolian Memory Championship

The top three competitors in the 2014 Mongolian Memory Championship were:

  1. Bat-Erdene Tsogoo: 5456 points
  2. Sengesamdan Ulziikhutag: 4909 points
  3. Tsogbadrakh Saikhanbayar: 4687 points

Scores are also broken down into Adult, Junior, and Kids categories.

2014 Welsh Memory Championship

The Welsh Championship and Welsh Open Championship scores are online, and the top 10 competitors that were announced on Facebook for the Open competition are:

  1. Ben Pridmore: 4392 points (England)
  2. John Burrows: 3952 points (Wales)
  3. Marlo Knight: 3762 points (England)
  4. James Paterson: 3560 points (Wales)
  5. Søren Damtoft: 2384 points (Denmark)
  6. Daniel Evans: 1684 points (England)
  7. Clay Knight: 1339 points (England)
  8. Jake O’Gorman: 1289 points (England)
  9. Phill Ash: 1241 points (England)
  10. Darren Ferguson: 565 points (England)

Ben has a writeup of the Welsh competition on his blog and there’s also a writeup on the World Memory Championships website.

2014 Italian Championship

The Italian Championship was streamed live again. The video is still online and can be watched on their website [update: currently offline as of 2019]. The video has commentary by Florian from Memory-Sports.com.

The results of the Italian competition were:

  1. Mara Brescianini: 2159 points
  2. Simone Rosati: 1273 points
  3. Gianni Calovi: 1175 points

The results of the open competition were:

  1. Simon Reinhard: 6503 points (Germany)
  2. Jonas von Essen: 5873 points (Sweden)
  3. Boris Nikolai Konrad: 4397 points (Germany)

Jonas von Essen is the current World Memory Champion.

2014 Slovenian Championship

The results aren’t posted online yet, but check the links here (national) and here (open) soon for the scores!

2014 Competition Season

The 2014 memory competition season is off to a great start! Congratulations to all the competitors, and many thanks to the organizers and arbiters for making it possible.

The next competitions are coming up in April:

  • April 4th: South German Championships and Open
  • April 5th: Algerian Open Memory Championships
  • April 26th: Extreme Memory Tournament

Then in May:

  • May 4th: Tokyo Memory Championship
  • May 10th: Swedish Open
  • May 25th: Friendly Memory Championship (UK)

If you didn’t already see it, the USA Memory Championship results are also online.

Also be sure to check the World Memory Statistics website for detailed information on each competition.


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