USA Memory Championship: "Hope for Humanity"

Here is one more video of the 2012 USA Memory Championship that includes footage of Majid Fotuhi’s presentation, and the 2012 USA Memory Champion, Nelson Dellis, describing his 3-2-2 PAO system:

“USA Memory Championship: Hope for Humanity”

The Daily Beast

Today, Rob Verger from The Daily Beast also described his experience competing in the event:

One of my photos [in the Names & Faces event] was a young girl named Sandre with two blonde pigtails. I told myself that I would associate her sandy blond hair with her name, and that worked. In another, I associated a man named Luke with the word puke, vaguely imagining that he had puked on his dark top.

A few people from the media were competing, including Rob Verger, David Pogue from the New York Times, and Melanie Pinola from Lifehacker.



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