Sleep and Memory: Test Yourself the Next Day

Newsweek just ran an article on a study about sleep and memory. Check it out:

A night of z’s is helpful only if you know a test is coming or, more generally, if you explicitly tell yourself you’ll need the information in the future…

EEGs found that the “test is coming” group spent more time in deep, slow-wave sleep than did the group not anticipating a test. Slow electrical waves act as a replay button, causing the hippocampus to reactivate new memories and synchronizing the neocortex so that it accepts them into long-term storage.

I wonder if this could help with studying. When learning new facts, maybe students should plan to test themselves on the facts the next day.




Stas 19 Sep 2021

Sleep really helps, I tested myself :) I read some researches, there was said that even 6 minutes of sleep can help you to recall more infromation after remembering it.

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