Nelson Dellis Wins the USA Memory Championship, 2011

Congratulations to Nelson Dellis – the new USA Memory Champion!

I saw the news on Twitter and Facebook. I’m hoping that full details will be published soon.

UPDATE:In addition to winning the title, Nelson also set new US Records in Speed Numbers, 248 digits, and Speed Cards of 52 in 1:03.

UPDATE: Nelson posted a writeup of the competition in his blog.




Dan 10 Nov 2021

Congratulations Nelson!

Now he will be off to climb Mt. Everest. After reading "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer I have an appreciation for how demanding (insane) Everest is. Godspeed on this endeavor too!


Josh 10 Nov 2021

I updated the post with the records broken. The scores are posted an the USAMC website...

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