Mnemonic Images for Punctuation Marks

Does anyone else use images for memorizing punctuation? The poetry event was removed from the World Memory Championships but still exists in the USA Memory Championship.

Here are the images that I came up with:

Data Image
_ (underscore) diving board
. smooth, round black stone
; stone launching up a ramp
? poke cane in ground
! stone falling
‘ (apos) dandelion seed floating
, (comma) dandelion flower
– (hyphen) wooden board on edge
“” (double quote) person making the “quotes” sign with his fingers
‘’ (single quote) hook dangling from above
italics wind blowing from side
bold negative image
CAPITALS image on wooden platform
new line police line
paragraph fence
tab image or locus jumps to side in earthquake

With more complex poetry or text (like e.e. cummings) one might need more images.


Two eyes?

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