Designing Memory Palaces with 3-D Printers

I just saw this video of a 3-D printer that uses paper to create models of landscapes. The first thing that came to mind is whether one could use this technique to print out scenes that could be used as memory palaces. Check out the video:

It was created with an Mcor IRIS printer.

Here is another example of how interesting landscapes or buildings can be created with 3-D printers:

For more ideas, check out this Minecraft landscape, architectural models, the Sagrada Familia, plans to create an entire house with 3-D printers, moon bases printed with lunar soil, and other interesting developments with the printers.

Here is another Minecraft landscape that has been printed three-dimensionally:

Resources for 3-D Printing

Does anyone know how to create open-source designs for 3-D printers? Maybe the Mnemotechnics community could collaboratively design buildings and landscapes that are ideal for memory palaces. The designs could be open-source and sharable. Many hackerspaces provide access to 3-D printers.

This article describes how to get started with 3-D design and printing. It mentions a free modeling program called Tinkercad, though I haven’t tried it. Minecraft users might be interested in the Mineways software.

It might be interesting to try to print something like a 21st century version of Giulio Camillo’s memory theatre.

Giulio Camillo's Memory Theatre



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