Memory Improvement Techniques and Increased Creativity

I just read a blog post about how having multiple hobbies may lead to creative breakthroughs by helping a person make connections between previously-unrelated ideas.

I think that memory techniques also increase creativity, since they also train a person to make rapid connections between unrelated ideas.


It is not so much a question of thinking outside the box, as it is allowing the mind to move through multiple boxes. That movement from box to box forces the mind to approach intellectual roadblocks from new angles, or to borrow tools from one discipline to solve problems in another.

…Chance favors the connected mind.

What do you think?



James Gladwell

James Gladwell 19 Sep 2021

As both a memory enthusiast and someone with multiple hobbies, I wholeheartedly agree.

Incidentally, it's worth noting that more physical hobbies can help you to improve your brain power (and thus your memory) because they make your brain make more connections between different parts of the brain.

For example, I go to salsa classes with my girlfriend, and the mental focus required to learn and then physically do the moves definitely makes my brain sharper.

So yes, both memory training and hobbies (physical or mental) certainly improve your capacity in other areas of life.

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