Mnemonic Images for the English Alphabet

Does anyone else use images for letters?  It’s not very manageable for memorizing a lot of letters, but the images are there if I need them.  I took my images from the ICAO phonetic alphabet:

Letter Word Image
A Alpha ox
B bravo Pavarotti
C Charlie Charlie Brown
D Delta shark fin
E echo Canyon wren
F foxtrot ballroom dancers
G golf golf club
H Hotel specific hotel in Greece
I India Taj Mahal
J Juliet Juliet
K kilo kilo weight
L Lima lima beans
M Mike microphone
N November cranberries
O Oscar Oscar the grouch
P Papa papadum
Q Québec Canadian flag
R Romeo Romeo
S Sierra saw blade
T tango Bandoneón
U uniform black and white striped engineers cap
V Victor Victor Borge
W whiskey bottle of whiskey
X x-ray x-ray
Y Yankee feather in cap
Z Zulu Zulu
The origin of "A"

The origin of “A”