Fixing My Mnemonic System

It’s December 30th, 2011. I’ve just spent months finishing up my last work projects, shutting down my consulting business, and preparing to move to a different continent. It has been a lot more time-consuming than I expected.

Yesterday, I put a deck of cards in my pocket (which will not leave my pocket for the next year), and I realized that I’m not going to have time to get 2,652 card images into my brain in time for the first memory competitions of 2012.

I realized that my current 2-digit, 1-card system is fully functional, and that other competitors have reached Grand Master level with similar systems. My current system is good enough to accomplish my 2012 goals.

So, yesterday I decided to put my Ben System aside for now, and just train with my 2-digit, 1-card system. I’ll eventually move to this version of the Ben System for competitions, but that is something that I can do later in 2012 or even in 2013. I would like to use the Ben System now, but it isn’t realistic to finish it in time.

I’m worried that my 52 card images won’t be ideal for memorizing 10 decks of cards at once (due to repeating images in different journeys), but other people have done it successfully, so there must be a way to make it work. If it doesn’t work for me, I’ll keep working on the Ben System on the side and maybe have it functional by the middle of 2012, but in the meantime I’ve started training.




Renee 10 Nov 2021

Thank you for the experiments!

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