Dr. Yip Swee Chooi on Memorizing a 1774-page Chinese-English Dictionary

The video about Dr. Yip Swee Chooi’s memorizing a 1774 page dictionary keeps coming up in discussions about memory, so I decided to make a blog post that I can link to to reference the video (easier to find than the YouTube video).

Here is the video:

Ed Cooke tests Dr. Yip Swee Chooi on the 1774 page Chinese-English dictionary he learned by heart:




JeanJean 20 Oct 2021

astonishing ! , étonnant ! , ilginç !, what else :)


Josh 20 Oct 2021

Definitely a great accomplishment. :)

Bill Powell

Bill Powell 20 Oct 2021

Thanks for posting this! I used a similar technique to memorize the Gospel of Mark, but that only has 678 loci slots, not 57,000. :) I'm relieved he didn't memorize the prose definitions verbatim ... that would seriously mess with my head. Although Foer mentions those "Shass Pollak," who seem to have memorized the exact layout of 5000+ pages of Talmud...I wonder if those texts had any rhythm or rhyme.


vitikindo 20 Oct 2021

How could he learn how to spell all those words?

Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen 20 Oct 2021

I'm not sure how he did it, but maybe look into some of the techniques used for school spelling bees (prefixes, suffixes, etymologies). Some of those kids take it really seriously. :)


Quantum 20 Oct 2021

Dr. in what field I wonder?

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Luc Prévost

Luc Prévost 20 Oct 2021

How could we learn about his process? I'm brand new here... Can I start a thread about it ? Is that how things work ?

Luc Prévost

Luc Prévost 20 Oct 2021

I was to fast... He start describing the process @ 6:00.

Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen 20 Oct 2021

Yes, head over to the forum and start a discussion and/or read through some of the other related threads. Also try this page. :)

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