Creating "Hooks" for Loci

With two images per location, I haven’t had any trouble remembering which pairs go together, but I’ve had problems remembering where they appear in the journey.

I’ve started to concentrate more on having a “hook” in each location to attach the image to.



  1. Front porch — the steps are made from a certain kind of stone, and the first image is pictured on that type of stone.
  2. Mailbox — the first image comes out of the mailbox.
  3. Electrical box — the first image should have the electrical box in it.
  4. End of street — the first image should include the spruce tree.
  5. Willow tree — the first image should be in the branches.
  6. Shed — the first image should come out of the shed.
  7. Etc.

This has cut down on the problem of forgetting where the image pairs appear. I think I was doing this before, but I wasn’t practicing for a long time, and must have…forgotten.

Photo of mailbox © a4gpa under CC BY-SA 2.0 License



Lana Wimmer

Lana Wimmer 19 Sep 2021

I'm starting to grasp this idea of hooks. Thanks for these suggestions. I'd love to know more about how you use these techniques to recall names of people or important events/dates in history.

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