By Heart: 101 Poems to Remember, Edited by Ted Hughes

In a blog comment, Jacob mentioned a book called By Heart: 101 Poems to Remember, compiled and edited by Ted Hughes. Since it was only \$4 including shipping, I ordered a copy.

Toves, borogoves, and raths

I’ve flipped through the book and the selection of poems looks good with many poems that I would be interested in memorizing. At 143 pages, it’s much lighter than many poetry compilations.

The introduction is about seven pages and introduces the story method:

  1. Take key words from the poem and make a list.
  2. Then string the words in the list into a vivid story.

Hughes also mentions that auditory memory is very strong and that the keywords should be enough to jog the auditory memory.

The only problem I saw with the book was a mistake in the poem, Jabberwocky, where it says “borogroves” instead of “borogoves” (twice). I hope that is the only typo.




Cole 10 Nov 2021

Picked up a copy as well. Thanks for sharing this resource. Excellent book, very concise, great introduction.

Lana Wimmer

Lana Wimmer 10 Nov 2021

Great idea. Thanks for passing this along!


PNW 10 Nov 2021

There is another typo 'the lazy gees' should be 'the lazy geese' on p.102 by John Crowe Ransom

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