2016 USA Memory Championship Results

The 2016 USA Memory Championship took place on May 7th in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Congratulations to the new US Champion, Alex Mullen, and to all the competitors! Here is an overview of the competition and a link to the forum discussion.

Every year for the past couple of decades, the best memorizers in the US have competed against each other at the USA Memory Championships to see who can remember the most information: random numbers, random words, shuffled decks of cards, and facts about random party guests.

Morning Session

In the morning session, competitors memorize numbers and cards. The people who went on to the finals from those first events were:

  1. Alex Mullen
  2. Katherine He
  3. Brad Sundstrom
  4. Erica Wang
  5. Mallika Kodavatiganti
  6. Tuan Bui
  7. Jesse Cui
  8. Jerry Yang
  9. Paul Mellor

Some new US records were set in the morning:

  • Speed Numbers: 483 random digits memorized by Alex Mullen
  • Poetry: 335 points achieved by Katherine He
  • Speed Cards: a shuffled deck of cards memorized in 18.653 seconds by Alex Mullen. I think that this is the fastest speed ever achieved in a competition.

Here is Alex Mullen memorizing the record-breaking deck of cards:

And the recall:

Random Words

After the morning events, the elimination rounds began.

Competitors from left to right: Paul Mellor, Katherine He, Erica Wang, Mallika Kodavatiganti, Tuan Bui, Alex Mullen, Brad Sundstrom, Jesse Cui and Jerry Yang.

Party Guests

In this elimination round, the competitors have to memorize a lot of facts about imaginary party guests. You can try it yourself with this memory training script.



Double Deck o Cards

The last event is an elimination round involving two shuffled decks of cards. Alex wins the competition in this final round at about 5 minute into the video. The final rankings were:

  1. Alex Mullen
  2. Brad Sundstrom
  3. Erica Wang
  4. Mallika Kodavatiganti
  5. Katherine He
  6. Jerry Yang
  7. Jesse Cui
  8. Paul Mellor
  9. Tuan Bui

Read More

Read more on the USAMC website, read Alex’s writeup, discuss the competition in the forum, and view a list of previous USA Memory Champions.

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