2015 USA Memory Championship Results

Nelson Dellis is the 2015 USA Memory Champion!

Highlights of the competition from early reports:

  • Lance Tschirhart broke the US records for speed cards by memorizing a deck of cards in 29 seconds. Alex Mullen (39 seconds) and Everett Chew (41 seconds) also broke the previous US record of 60 seconds held by Johnny Briones. Everett Chew is 13 years old.
  • Lance Tschirhart and Alex Mullen also broke the previous speed numbers record by memorizing 360 and 320 digits in five minutes respectively.
  • Nelson Dellis broke the US record for names and faces with a score of 201.
  • Erica Wang broke the US record for poetry memorization with 241 points.
  • The eight competitors that went to the finals were: Nelson Dellis, Alex Mullen, Lance Tschirhart, Johnny Briones, Everett Chew, Erica Wang, John Graham, and Aaron Mirman.
  • Five competitors made it to the “Tea Party Guests” round, and none were eliminated. The five competitors were: Nelson Dellis, Alex Mullen, Lance Tschirhart, Johnny Briones, and Aaron Mirman

Update: here are some write-ups of the competition on the official site:

There was also a serious error in the competition results. Livan Grijalva memorized a deck of shuffled cards in 1 minute 22 seconds, but it was mistakenly entered into the spreadsheet as 5 minutes. This mistake kept him out of the finals, even though his actual scores qualified him. Update: see the official website: USA Memory Championship Sportsman of the Year – Livan Grijalva.

A video of the announcement can be seen below:

Thanks to Ron White for the updates on Facebook!

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Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen 20 Oct 2021

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