Tea Party Guests Event

This script is for training for the Three Strikes You're Out event at the USA Memory Championship. It's also known as the "Tea Party Guests" event. Also check out our other memory training scripts.

Disclaimer: Please note that all the information below is randomly generated and fictitious, and is created for educational purposes only.

Gender: Male
Name: Carmine Kyle Willis
Date of Birth: July 25, 1940
Residence: Lamont, KS 66855
Telephone: 221-8776
Pet: pink bearded dragon named Latina
Hobbies: Cricket, Table Tennis, Metal Detecting
Car: 1989 Puce Chrysler Dakota Pickup 2wd
Foods: Pizza, Cottage cheese, and Chicken
Gender: Female
Name: Bernetta Dixie Lucas
Date of Birth: June 18, 2004
Residence: Kimberton, PA 19442
Telephone: 386-4492
Pet: gold sugar glider named Charmaine
Hobbies: Vintage Car, Cubing, Knitting
Car: 1969 Tan Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Foods: Mushroom gravy, Taco salad, and Fajitas
Gender: Male
Name: Noble Robt Higgins
Date of Birth: May 2, 1954
Residence: San Francisco, CA 94156
Telephone: 886-9099
Pet: yellow hedgehog named Janyce
Hobbies: Gaming, Painting, Fantasy Football
Car: 1947 Natural Ford Grand Marquis
Foods: Cantaloupe, Cake, and Corn on the cob
Gender: Female
Name: Nida Elane Dodson
Date of Birth: March 14, 1965
Residence: Morgan, GA 39866
Telephone: 592-6839
Pet: brown tortoise named Cyrstal
Hobbies: Trainspotting, Singing, Table Football
Car: 1992 Pink Chrysler Dakota Pickup 4wd
Foods: Hard boiled eggs, Peanut butter, and Hot dogs
Gender: Female
Name: Echo Phyliss Harding
Date of Birth: February 9, 1952
Residence: Parsons, WV 26287
Telephone: 256-1815
Pet: red canary named Quentin
Hobbies: Yoga, Water Sports, Amateur Astronomy
Car: 1948 Mauve Hyundai Elantra
Foods: Sweet and sour chicken, Pickled eggs, and Garlicky pickles
Gender: Male
Name: Otha Antonia Haley
Date of Birth: May 17, 1978
Residence: Liberty, NC 27298
Telephone: 291-6448
Pet: black bird named Bruce
Hobbies: Musical Instruments, Art Collecting, Fencing
Car: 1993 Silver Bmw 325ci Convertible
Foods: Dark Chocolate, Garlic, and Miso soup