Tea Party Guests Event

This script is for training for the Three Strikes You're Out event at the USA Memory Championship. It's also known as the "Tea Party Guests" event. Also check out our other memory training scripts.

Disclaimer: Please note that all the information below is randomly generated and fictitious, and is created for educational purposes only.

Gender: Female
Name: Nereida Sharan Summers
Date of Birth: December 20, 1921
Residence: Valparaiso, NE 68065
Telephone: 681-7068
Pet: orange chinchilla named Laura
Hobbies: Fishkeeping, Locksport, Dance
Car: 1968 Green Mercedes Benz Ml350
Foods: Banana bread, Celery, and Corn bread
Gender: Female
Name: Queenie Heike Hoover
Date of Birth: August 5, 1943
Residence: Patten, ME 04765
Telephone: 114-1175
Pet: black rabbit named Louis
Hobbies: Dance, Coloring, Trainspotting
Car: 1978 Yellow Nissan Fx35 Rwd
Foods: Cream cheese, Black olives, and Pizza
Gender: Male
Name: Raymundo Rayford Bernard
Date of Birth: November 22, 1917
Residence: Gove, KS 67736
Telephone: 938-4063
Pet: gray stick insect named Elenor
Hobbies: Surfing, Driving, Archery
Car: 1994 Mauve Chrysler Pt Cruiser
Foods: Garlic, Peanut butter, and Crepes
Gender: Female
Name: Judith Roseanne Finley
Date of Birth: June 7, 2004
Residence: Aneth, UT 84510
Telephone: 750-0795
Pet: blue parrot named Elfreda
Hobbies: Insect Collecting, Handball, Genealogy
Car: 1928 Tan Audi A4 Quattro
Foods: Pinto beans, Pasta salad, and Stuffing
Gender: Male
Name: Earl Diego Perry
Date of Birth: June 22, 1995
Residence: Sheridan, WY 82801
Telephone: 410-5863
Pet: brown salamander named Caleb
Hobbies: Audiophilia, Aircraft Spotting, Yoga
Car: 1962 Black Toyota Is 250
Foods: Cupcakes, Cashews, and PB&J
Gender: Male
Name: Quintin Enoch Ray
Date of Birth: June 29, 1965
Residence: Broseley, MO 63932
Telephone: 923-4175
Pet: red bunny named Shani
Hobbies: Rock Collecting, Fossil Hunting, Element Collecting
Car: 1961 Blue Nissan Frontier 2wd
Foods: Avocado, Hamurgers, and Chicken wings