Tea Party Guests Event

This script is for training for the Three Strikes You're Out event at the USA Memory Championship. It's also known as the "Tea Party Guests" event. Also check out our other memory training scripts.

Disclaimer: Please note that all the information below is randomly generated and fictitious, and is created for educational purposes only.

Gender: Female
Name: Daniell Rosenda Pate
Date of Birth: October 9, 1970
Residence: Hartford, CT 06152
Telephone: 319-4354
Pet: tan tortoise named Shery
Hobbies: Woodworking, Fishing, Motor Sports
Car: 2004 Fuchsia Gm I-280 2wd Ext Cab
Foods: Pecans, Kringle, and Lobster
Gender: Male
Name: Lloyd Willian Thomas
Date of Birth: July 22, 1983
Residence: Chicago, IL 60691
Telephone: 299-3213
Pet: brown parakeet named Orville
Hobbies: Mineral Collecting, Driving, Vehicle Restoration
Car: 1997 Aubergine Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Foods: Cucumber salad, Miso soup, and Steak
Gender: Female
Name: Chery Alena Levine
Date of Birth: December 13, 1983
Residence: Ashton, IA 51232
Telephone: 264-9388
Pet: black bunny named Rodrick
Hobbies: Running, Petal Collecting And Pressing, Swimming
Car: 1985 Tan Volkswagen Tt Roadster Quattro
Foods: Gyros, Avocado, and Brown rice
Gender: Male
Name: Rico Seymour Frost
Date of Birth: November 24, 1915
Residence: Washington, DC 20503
Telephone: 211-9187
Pet: yellow rabbit named Marcelle
Hobbies: Leaf Collecting And Pressing, Vintage Books, Baseball
Car: 2000 White Gm Ssr Pickup 2wd
Foods: Ramen noodles, Chicken wings, and Pasta salad
Gender: Male
Name: Donny Bradford Walsh
Date of Birth: March 29, 1923
Residence: Mission, KS 66202
Telephone: 945-3877
Pet: pink goldfish named Rosemary
Hobbies: Auto Racing, Aircraft Spotting, Squash
Car: 1965 Orange Aston Martin Db9 Volante
Foods: Apple cobbler, Garlic, and Cheese
Gender: Female
Name: Glenn Aida Battle
Date of Birth: December 8, 1943
Residence: Dallas, TX 75244
Telephone: 131-6020
Pet: red hedgehog named Kenton
Hobbies: Water Sports, Fishing, Rugby
Car: 1982 Gold Mercedes Benz C280 4matic
Foods: Caesar salads, Sauerkraut, and Sweet and sour chicken