Story Method

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The Story Method (or chain linking method) is a kind of Mnemonic Link System that always uses some kind of story to link things together.

Story Method Example

If you want to memorize a set of Mnemonic Images (like Major System images for memorizing pi), you could put the image in a list like this:

  • Otter
  • Toolbox
  • Beans
  • Shell

Then, instead of placing the images in a Memory Palace, link them together with a story:

  1. An otter jumps into a toolbox.
  2. Inside of the toolbox are some beans.
  3. The otter throws the beans out of the toolbox and they land in a shell.

The mind has a natural ability to remember stories. If the story doesn’t stick the first time, add more details and make the story more interesting. Practice retelling the story a few times to engrave it in your memory.

You can use the story method by itself or use it within locations inside of a memory palace to chain together multiple images.

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