Roman Room System

1 minute read

The Roman Room System is a type of Memory Palace. A room is imagined and filled with furniture. An ordered journey is created through the room. The journey through the room should be the same every time. It might look something like this if standing at the doorway:

  1. Near left corner — on the table
  2. Left wall — picture frame
  3. Far left corner — window
  4. Back wall — couch
  5. Far right corner — closet
  6. Right wall — chair
  7. Near right corner — empty corner
  8. Doorway
  9. Ceiling
  10. Floor in middle of room

You would walk through the imaginary journey in the same order every time.

To remember a list of items, place one or two Mnemonic Images in each location of the journey. If an item in the list isn’t a concrete thing that can be pictured, you can use Mnemonic Association to create an image for it.

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