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This is a page about random number memorization events that take place at most Memory Competitions. Please check the official rules at any memory competition that you enter, because the information below can be edited by anyone and may not apply.

One Hour Numbers

  • to do

15-Minute Numbers

  • to do

Speed Numbers

Speed Numbers, or 5-minute Numbers, is an event where competitors memorize as many random digits as possible.

International Rules

  • Rows of 40 digits per line
  • Memorization: 5 minutes
  • Recall: 15 minutes

USA Rules

  • 25 rows of 20 digits per line
  • Memorization: 5 minutes
  • Recall: 10 minutes

International Scoring

  • 40 points for every complete row
  • Half score (20 points) for any row with one mistake
  • Zero points for any row with two or more mistakes
  • If the final row is incomplete, and all the digits are correct, the competitor gets one point per digit. If there is one mistake, half points are awarded. If there are two or more mistakes on an incomplete final row, no points are awarded for that row.

Here's a video about it.

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