Number Shape System

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The number shape system is a type of Mnemonic Peg System where digits are assigned mnemonic images based on the shape of the number. For example, the number 1 might have an image of a candle, because 1 looks like a candle. The number 2 might have an image of a swan, because 2 looks like a swan.


Some possible number shape images are:

  • 0 = ball, egg, doughnut, ring
  • 1 = candle, stick, spear, pole, pillar, wire
  • 2 = swan, clothes hangar, whale
  • 3 = butterfly, handcuffs, heart, trident, half a bottle, fish, bag, rabbit
  • 4 = flag, sailboat, chair, satellite dish
  • 5 = hook, snake, Superman, seahorse, a wave or water
  • 6 = elephant’s trunk, golf club, cherry, combination lock, curled snake, spoon
  • 7 = boomerang, axe, scythe, diving board, ship
  • 8 = snowman, hourglass, figure 8
  • 9 = balloon on a string, net

There is also a way to use number shapes with 2-digit numbers and binary numbers.

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