Mnemonics for Vocabulary Words

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Here are a few examples on how to memorize vocabulary words with mnemonics.

Vocabulary Word Mnemonic Image Meaning Notes
Arcane "arrrr" + cane secret or obscure knowledge A pirate with a cane and a secret message.
Callous callus on foot Insensitive The callus on the foot makes it less sensitive.
Sycophant psycho + elephant Someone who flatters A psycho elephant that flatters people.
Vex Tyrannosaurus vex To annoy An annoying Tyrannosaurus rex.
Venerable vulnerable Deserving of respect due to age A vulnerable, venerable old person.
Insular insulation Having a narrow outlook or scope A person that can't see much because they are surround by insulation.
Gist joust The substance of a speech Someone jousting while giving a speech.
Abut a butt Being next to Your butt is next to something
Amiable amigo-able Friendly Amigo means friend, the root word is the same
Adroit a droid Skillful A skillful droid

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