Mnemonic Link System

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The Mnemonic Link System is also called the Chain Linking Method or Story Method. Linking is a process where each item to be memorized is linked to the one after it. This is a fairly common method that a lot of people use without noticing it.

Linking can be used alone, or in combination with other methods. For example, the PAO system is a form of linking, where you have a Person performing an Action on an Object.

Example of Basic Linking

Here is an example that involves memorizing the following to-do list:

  • car wash
  • buy vegetables
  • stop at post office
  • do laundry

You could chain the items together in a story like this: picture a car going through a carwash that drops vegetables on the car instead of water. As the car exits the carwash, it is crashes into a large mailbox and is then dried off with your dirty laundry.

Example of PAO Linking

Here is an example using 2-digit Major System images with the [PAO system](/wiki/Person-Action-Object (PAO) System/):


A TiN can, contains a MeRmaid, who is covered in LeeCHes, which are drinking CoFfee, floating in the coffee are some jigsaw PieCes.

Good for

  • Phone numbers
  • Names
  • Fitting multiple items into a single locus when using the journey method


  • Doesn’t require pre-memorised pegs or journeys


  • Forgetting one link in the chain can cause you to lose all the things following it
  • In long lists, you may have to run through a large part of the story to mentally access an item at the bottom of the list

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