Mind Performance Hacks

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Mind Performance Hacks is a book by Ron Hale-Evans and Marty Hale-Evans.

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Chapter 1 - Memory
Includes detailed instruction on how to memorize lists of items, mnemonic techniques to remember large amounts of data, and retrieving memories.

Chapter 2 - Information Processing
Includes how to capture creative ideas, mapping your thoughts, and managing mental clutter.

Chapter 3 - Creativity
Includes brainstorming ideas, working with constraints, memetics, dream recall, and other creativity enhancers.

Chapter 4 - Math
How to perform mental arithmetic, and performing large calculations without a calculator.

Chapter 5 - Decision Making
How to foresee important problems, figuring out dominant strategies, and when it's safe to roll the dice.

Chapter 6 - Communication
Overcoming stage fright, learning artificial languages, and more ideas on effective communicating.

Chapter 7 - Clarity
Includes recognizing and controlling complex emotions, avoiding cognitive distortions, and using meditation and hypnosis.

Chapter 8 - Mental Fitness
On how to maintain a healthy brain, via mental warmups, playing board games, getting adequate sleep and nutrition, and assembling a mental toolbox.