Memory Competition Training Techniques

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This page is for compiling information on how people train for memory competitions.

According to the Washington Post, Ben Pridmore spent “nine hours per week memorizing the sequence of as many packs of cards as he could”.

These excerpts about Wang Feng are from some of the Chinese newspaper articles on the Memory Sports Yahoo Group, translated with Google Translate::

This is hard to prepare for the World Championship of training class, Wang Feng, “coming to the fore” the. At that time, Wuhan, intolerable heat, several members of Life Sciences, rented a small classroom, 5,6 hours every day practicing a variety of memory skills on the inside, tired, lying on the table a break and ate lunch. “High temperature, dry training, actually persevered.” More than a month, Wang Feng made rapid progress, unhappy memory of the master in January reached one of three criteria — “No one within two minutes of regular playing cards Memory.”

Reporter has learned that this competition before, Wang Feng and master Yuan Wenkui village in Wuhan, rented a house less than 20 square meters, the house only a bed and two tables. They begin at 8 am from the day has got to 17:30, sometimes even “late training.”